Sunsign 4-Pcs Bungee Resistance Cord Set Fit Solo or Partner Great for Taekwondo Hockey Tennis Football Basketball Fencing Vertical Jumps Lateral Movement Sprint Overspeed Training

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Why Choose the Sunsign Resistance Bands?

  • The Resistance Band Trainer allows you to maximize your strength, increase speed, and improve your sprint, bounce and mobility with resistance and assistance training.

  • Bands Length: 6.6ft, 9.8ft, 16.4ft; the complete system includes a adjustable harness, a adjustable partner belt and a durable handle

  • Kit challenges your muscles in new ways, allowing you to work from different angles to involve more muscle groups while improving balance and coordination

  • With endless training possibilities, you can choose to use harness, belt or handle alone or with partner to customize the workout

  • Suitable for running, sprinting, soccer, basketball, football, baseball, tennis, softball, cricket, rugby, track & field training, and martial artists, boxers, Muay thai, MMA fighters and various other sports