Sneaklift Stand One

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The new Levitating Sneakers Stand will allow you to display your best sneakers in style. Your rarest piece in the collection deserves attention and a unique place that will give it even more elegance and style.

Levitating Sneakers Stand, has a lot of other features that can make your life more enjoyable. Thanks to the wireless charging module, which is built into the bottom of the stand, your smartphone will be charged once or twice and you will be able to go out with a charged mobile phone and shiny sneakers.

The bluetooth speaker will ensure quality sound and the right atmosphere in your room for every day. You can connect any device equipped with bluetooth.

Your sneakers will be really unmissable, the stand is equipped with a quality LED backlight, which can be changed using the controller that is included in each package.

Levitating Sneakers Stand is simply a great accessory for sneaker collectors and will find a place in the room with every real sneakerhead who really has their sneakers in their heart.