Season of Strength: The complete guide to in-season and off-season training for basketball - Paperback

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Scott Thom is the head strength coach for men’s basketball at Washington State University. Previously, he was the strength coach for University of California-Berkeley men’s basketball team and the head basketball coach for Vintage High School (Napa, Calif.) He has been coaching since 2003 and has experience working with athletes at the high school, collegiate and professional level. Simply put, this book is every “learning moment” Coach Thom has had since 2003. Whether, these moments came in the form of trial and error with his teams, to summer internships, to learning from great coaches around him. Season of Strength is 500 pages of applicable information for coaches at all levels.

Season of Strength gives you: • 39 Specific lifting programs • 140+ Basketball player/Team development drills • Year plans • In-season and off-season conditioning plans • Movement screens & testing protocols • How to create “buy-in” with your team • Injury prevention, promoting recovery, and nutrition • Pre-practice and pre-game activation routines • Game day and game week management • Understanding the different training phases; Work Capacity, Strength, and Power

Coach Thom’s positive energy and enthusiasm makes training in the weight room and on the basketball court fun and productive. His sincere approach to coaching motivates you to get better. He’s the type of coach that cares about you more than just basketball or getting your stronger. He’s about building lifelong friendships that will last beyond basketball. Over the years our friendship has grown, and he’s someone I can always count on.” -Tyrone Wallace- Utah Jazz

“I met Scott Thom many years ago when he was the basketball strength and conditioning coach at Cal. I knew right away Scott was one of those ‘young up and comers’ who would be making waves very soon. Scott has a great background in strength and conditioning, but I believe his greatest attribute is his ability to convey information and training lessons. Scott is a COACH, one thing you will hear over and over about Scott is that he has an amazing rapport with and respect from his players and the coaches he works with. Scott is the real deal and is one of my very favorite people to be around in this world.” –Coach Robert Dos Remedios