Playmaker Life Workout Equipment CAP Barbell Adjustable Dumbbell Set, 40 lbs Pair

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Cast iron weight plates fit 1-inch standard handles and bars – plates will accommodate all standard 1-inch handles and bars. High-grade cast iron plates covered with black epoxy finish prevent rust and corrosion for long-lasting performance.

  • 17-Inch diamond knurled chrome handle – crafted from cold rolled steel with Medium-depth diamond knurling for a secure, firm and non-slip grip.

  • Star-lock collars with rubber O-rings – course thread star-lock collars are easy to tighten and loosen on threaded ends and helps keep weight plates securely Fashioned while weightlifting.

  • Easy Use & storage – compact, convenient, and easy to Use and store. This all-in-one dumbbell set eliminates the need for multiple dumbbells in your home gym. Great for targeting Individual muscle groups or incorporating into a full body workout.

  • included components: 1 dumbbell handle;2 collars;12 weight plates

  • sport type: Weightlifting;Exercise & Fitness