Playmaker Life Workout Equipment Bundle Saver | Speed Agility Bundle | Premium Speed Agility Training Set

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🏆SUPERIOR QUALITY - This set was built with quality in mind and it is made to last. We have sourced this above and beyond to be a premium set that will fit your training needs. We are bringing you the best quality at a great price! Now we've added 4 adjustable ABS plastic hurdles that allow for more training configurations to help build speed and agility and 20 total cones!

  • 🏈INCREASE AGILITY - The old adage, “you get what you pay for” definitely rings true! The ladder you will get is a pro high quality ladder that is made to last for all your training needs. The ladder comes nicely packaged and ready to go right out of the bag. Some competitors will make you do tedious work adjusting the ladder and unwinding the straps upon receiving it, we take care of that for you. The plastic rungs are sturdy and the ladder is easily adjustable!

  • 🏃UNLOCK YOUR EXPLOSIVENESS - This parachute includes an adjustable belt with a clip that can be easily adjusted to your waist size up to 42" inches. In addition, the parachute can be removed or added with one click! Don’t worry about cheap parachutes that don't have a click belt and don’t hold well. This is a premium parachute that will help you reach your explosive potential!

  • 🏅THE TOTAL PACKAGE - Training Cones that are flexible and lightweight, with a cone holder for easy storage! The quality jump rope will help you build endurance so you outperform your competition when it counts! Multiple resistance level bands from easy to hard that will take your training to another level and work muscles that are essential to performance! Carry Bag - A zippered carry bag to efficiently carry all of your items. A handle to carry your hurdles wherever you go!