Playmaker Life Unisex CompressionZ Youth Arm Sleeve (Pair) - Compression Elbow Brace Support for Kids - Sports Sleeves In Royal Blue,Navy Blue,Black & White

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  • RELIEVE PAIN, SWELLING, STIFFNESS: These quality kids arm sleeves deliver graduated compression over the forearms, elbows and biceps. Optimal pressure is delivered to each area of the arm, stimulating proper blood circulation and supporting the muscles and joints. Helps reduce swelling, stiffness and pain while keeping muscles warm and performance-ready. Minimize the discomfort of sore, overworked muscles due to sports or exercise. Ease inflammation from arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis.

  • SUPERIOR PROTECTION & SUPPORT: Kid's compression sleeves slip on and off easily, allowing active children and teens to cover or uncover their arms quickly when temperatures change. Moisture-wicking material helps cool in warm weather while locking in body heat to provide warmth in cold weather. Spandex material holds muscles firm, improving performance for cheerleading and a variety of sports. Reduce the risk of injury and block harmful UV rays.

  • NON-SLIP FIT, QUALITY MATERIAL: Sport compression sleeves designed for boys and girls on the move. Durable, flexible material moves with the arms and provides adequate support for fast response times and confident action. The arm sleeve blocks UV rays from sunlight while wicking away moisture, improving circulation and helping to control body temperature. Easy-to-use arm covers stay in place without chafing or irritation. Flat-lock seams and soft fabric ensure comfort and long-lasting support.

  • BOOST ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: Kids and teens wear compression sleeves to warm their muscles, improve circulation during games or practice and reduce the risk of injury. These arm warmers can boost confidence and provide muscle and joint support for soccer, baseball, tennis, football and lacrosse players. Cheerleaders, golfers, weightlifters and runners depend on consistent compression to firmly hold muscles in place. Advanced design holds each elbow sleeve in place even with intense action.

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Use our convenient sizing guide to determine the correct size for your child's arm. If you aren't satisfied with the quality or performance of our kid's compression sleeves, you're covered by our 30-day money back guarantee. Our goal is to support young athletes by protecting their arms, supporting their muscles and enhancing their sporty style. Compression sleeves look great while making athletes of every age and size feel great. Buy and perform in confidence.