Playmaker Life Unisex Adjustable Workout Equipment Dumbbell 25lbs With Fast Adjustment Function In Black Color

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  • Strength training, muscle control, core and balance training, home fitness, and rehabilitation are all possible with this product. This dumbbell is ideal for both men and women of all ages.

  • Dumbbells are multifunctional and may be used outside or in the home gym for any strength exercise, whether it's riding, colliding, or the classic bench press.

  • The barbell bar's conical form, 34 mm diameter handle, and knurling on the bar provide a secure grasp every time you workout.

  • Calories can be burned by dumbbell workouts. This weight-loss activity increases muscle strength, endurance, and heart health in addition to burning calories.

  • Dumbbells are great for a range of workouts, including bicep curls and tricep extensions, which may be elevated and pressed upwards, side, side, and back shoulders to build a stronger shoulder.

  • Dumbbell training allows you to choose resistance training routines based on how closely they resemble genuine sports motions.

  • The push-pull mechanism allows for quick weight changes from 5 to 25 pounds.


  • Product Name: Dumbbell

  • Dumbbell Category: Electroplating Dumbbells

  • Material: Solid steel

  • Efficacy: Modify muscle lines to make the whole body muscle strong er!

  • Product feature: 5 gear, one-way 1s fast adjustable