Playmaker Life Figure 8 Weight Lifting Gym Straps Padded Fitness

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Weight Lifting Heavy Duty Deadlift Bar Straps , Padded Wrist Wraps , Neoprene Padding


Professional Grade
Made for Professionals with Premium Quality Durable Materials
80% cotton, 20% polyester Thick Weave
Wrist straps with real neoprene padding
Tear Resistant Fabric Laminated on Neoprene
Nylon threads stitching
Over lock edges with premium coats thread

EKTYV Wrist Wraps are Heavy duty for Professional Gym Workout, Power Lifting, Body Building Exercises, Cross Fit, Dead Lift, Back Squats, Burpee, Dumbbell Press, Pull ups and similar Gym activities.
These Wrist Straps are quality hand brace and act as anti sprain & anti strain. A must for your daily Fitness Activities & Gym Activities.