Playmaker Life Coaching the Counter: A Detailed Breakdown of How to Adapt Football's Most Explosive Concept to Your Scheme and Players - Hard Copy

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The Counter Scheme is the most explosive scheme in college football. With teams like Clemson and Oklahoma using this powerful scheme to supercharge their offense, coaches from across the country are starting to add it as an element into their offense.In Coaching the Counter you will learn the secrets of what makes this explosive play so powerful. With detailed breakdowns on both the traditional Counter scheme and the Counter GT scheme, this book will provide you with everything you need to install this scheme into your offense. Broken down with over 20 diagrams and over a dozen different variations, this book is all you need to not only learn the scheme, but find the perfect way to match it with your athletes. Take the next step in developing your offense by learning about one of the most dynamic offensive schemes in football today!