Mindful Quarterbacking: A Playbook for the Quarterback's Mind - Hard Copy

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Mindful Quarterbacking is the ultimate resource for the mental development of Quarterbacks. This book is dedicated solely to the mental development of Quarterbacks. It is written so that any coach or Quarterback at any level can understand and utilize its content. This book is universal and can be applied no matter what system a coach utilizes or what the Quarterback's level of play or skill set might be. The purpose of this book is to assist the Quarterback in maximizing the mental state of mind so that the Quarterback can maximize his performance and leadership. Mindful Quarterbacking will help train Quarterbacks to be in the present moment and play the game one snap at a time. If you are a coach, the goal is for this playbook to provide you tools to help your Quarterbacks succeed on the mental side of playing the position. If you are a Quarterback reading this playbook, the goal is for this playbook to help you achieve better results on the field, as well as off the field.

This playbook is categorized into several different parts. The foundation of this playbook is structured on the three elements of mindfulness: intention, attention, and attitude. You will read about the M-QB Principles, (Core Principles of Mindfulness, Ps of Preparation and the Cs of Competition) how they relate to Quarterbacking and also learn how to apply each of the M-QB Principles to Quarterbacking within the three elements of mindfulness.

In this playbook, the coach and Quarterback will be provided reminders and solutions and exercises that the Quarterback can apply to help maximize focus, always take back the present moment and effectively handle anything that arises throughout their journey.
The coach and Quarterback will also be provided reflection exercises, on and off the field critical thinking exercises involving distractions, meditations, and guided imagery exercises that can be applied to help the Quarterback maximize focus. This playbook will also have sections where the coach and Quarterback can evaluate the Quarterback's progress. In the appendix, there are pre-practice meditations for each day of the week, practice goal setting charts and also a daily/weekly reflection log. The appendix will also provide mental preparation guides for approaching game time and will provide weekly game time goal setting and evaluation charts, pre-game meditations, pre-game routine, along with handling in-game situations while in action and on the sideline. The game time section also acts as a journal and will have sections for the Quarterback to write, reflect on, answer post-game questions and also chart and evaluate his performance as a Mindful Quarterback.
In the extras section of the appendix, you will find M-QB guided imagery as well as ways for the Quarterback to handle dealing with pain and unwelcoming weather conditions.