Hexo Agility Rings – Set of 6 Rings/Clip Together & Pull Apart/Movement & Fitness Training

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  • AGILITY BOOST: Hexo Agility Rings Serve A Multitude of Purposes for Movement and Fitness Training, As Well As Creating High-Visibility Targets on any surface.

  • FULL-SET: Comes With 6 Hexagonal Rings, Each 19" In Diameter.

  • VARIETY OF SHAPES: They Clip Together and Pull Apart Very Easily to Create A Wide Variety of Shapes. Just Use Your Own Imagination to Create Tons of Footwork Drills.

  • MULTI-SPORT: While This Product Was Originally Designed for Tennis Players, Its Been Used by Athletes Across All Sports. Great for Staying in Shape and Outdoor Workouts.

  • PRO TIP: Create A Hexagon and Have Athletes Jump in One Direction or Another, Hopping on One Foot or Two, Or Just Have Them Side-Step to Quickly Improve Lateral Agility.