Gym Maniac GM Lifting Straps with Metal Wedge - Red

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  • 💪 IDEALLY SIZED EXERCISE EQUIPMENT - These wrist straps for weigh lifting are made for individuals who find long straps awkward. Support where you need without annoying extra fabric.
  • 💪 BOOSTS GRIP, STRENGTH, GAINS - These wrist wraps promote powe and muscle size. Bulk up faster by taking your workout to the next level. A metal dowel keeps bars from rolling and sliding.
  • 💪 COMFORTABLE & TOUGH - Soft neoprene pads cushion the wrist for force, while heavy-duty nylon acrylic straps can support you through over half a ton of lifting. Straps are adjustable for max comfort.
  • 💪 PROTECTS HAND & WRIST - Wrist injury rates are high in the liftin community. These wrist straps reduce risk by reinforcing you while training. A wide width protects palms from tearing.
  • 💪 VERSATILE SUPPORT GEAR - Built and engineered for a variety o sports and lifting exercises. Ideal for bench press, powerlifting, deadlifts, weightlifting, pull-ups, kettlebell, and dumbbells.




Wrist pain and injury, and torn palms are some of the most common injuries in weightlifting.

Injuring these parts is frustrating because they effectively sideline you while they heal,

delaying progress or even reducing hard-earned muscle mass. Given wrists’ pivotal role in

lifting, it’s no wonder many lifters choose to wear straps. But finding proper fitting, durable,

quality straps can be difficult.

The Lifting Straps by Gym Maniac GM lets you safely go for maximum gains every time

you train.

lifter lifting large barbell using straps


Professional-grade strength and support. Features a 3-strap system

engineered to reliably allow lifts of up to a staggering 1500 pounds.

Firm but comfortable neoprene cushions keep your wrist straight

and properly positioned while lifting, reducing risk of injury. No

bending backwards and putting unnecessary pressure and strain on

your joints, keeping you safe and in peak form rep after rep.

Ripped woman wearing gloves checking herself


Nothing stops workouts faster than an injured or aching

wrist. By reinforcing and wrapping critical areas around

your wrist our sturdy straps allow you to focus on technique

without getting fatigued or stopping sets due to pain. Nail

your form and spend more time making sure you’re

targeting the right muscle groups, not worrying about losing

your grip. Want to build massive traps? Put on these straps.

Straps supporting whole wrist


Unlike gloves or simple speed straps, these weightlifting straps

provide complete protection from palm to wrist. A non-slip surface

stabilizes your grip, while simultaneously reducing friction on your

palm, preventing blisters and tears. The stainless steel metal dowel is

designed to fit snugly around the average dumbbell or pull-up bar,

keeping equipment firmly in place and stopping you from exerting

unnecessary force.