Tactical SmartWatch V3 HR

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1. Explore with your "heart"

Check your real-time heart rate during a workout to see how far you've come. It can always provide you with a guide to know when to strive and when to relax, no matter what your goals are.


2. Develop your full potential

Calories are calculated using heart rate and physical data. Not only can you look at real-time heat consumption (in Kcal) during training, but you can also lookup total heat consumption per training afterward.

3. Hard Exterior 

The VIBE 3 HR wristwatch is waterproof up to 50 meters/164 feet, according to an international standard grade of IP67. This means that no water, dust, or dirt will get into the smartwatch in daily life or on outdoor trips. The VIBE 3 HR would be an excellent companion for travellers who frequently experience severe weather, dirt, and rivers.

4. The 3D interface

Unlike most sports watches, the VIBE 3 HR boasts a 3D interface that is completely unique. The watch face combines 3D animations to readily view one's daily activities, sleep information, and more at a glance, eliminating the need to study difficult graphs or reports to comprehend activity performance.

5. Motion effect function

The motion effect function allows you to indicate in diagrams the average completion status of daily goals of daily, weekly, and monthly motions, and provides beneficial feedback for you. It also allows you to track your motions throughout the day and indicate how the motions help to keep your health.